Seashorts 2018 Film Programme

My Student Film

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"Before I became who I am right now, I was a student."

Programmer Jacky Yeap curated programme to highlight the student work of renowned directors from Southeast Asian countries such as Garin Nugroho (Indonesia), Liew Seng Tat (Malaysia), Aditya Assarat (Thailand), Edwin (Indonesia), Anthony Chen (Singapore), Dain Said (Malaysia) and many more.

Return of the Salt Boy (1,2,3)

“I consider myself a very serious programmer and curator, but I also make silly drawings 'as a sort of gentlemanly hobby' (Burgess).”

Programmer Gertjan Zuilhof curated a programme with divers views on the original inhabitants of the mountains, the plains and the islands of South East Asia. Many first nations. There are 3 parts of the programmes and showcasing the short films by Zai Kuning (Singapore), Pimpaka Towira (Thailand), Margaret Bong (Malaysia), Jen J. Balberona (Philippines), Loeloe Hendra Komara (Indonesia), Auraeus Solito (Philippines) and many more.

FLY Workshop Short Film Programme

An annual collaboration of short film programs from 8 participating countries (Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam) and is an insight to the developments of filmmaking in the region.


Shortcuts Programme

Shortcuts Programme is a competitive short film funding scheme for new directorial voices through educating and nurturing via mentorship and workshops.

A total of 3 phase for this workshop, including storytelling Workshop, Script Development Workshop and Pre-Production workshops. At the end of the workshop, 3 Best Scripts will be given RM40,000 funding each, to produce their short film.


S-Express 2018

S-Express is an annual collaboration of short film programmes from eight countries (Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Vietnam). This programme is an insight to the development of filmmaking in the region. It aims to bring the selected films from each region to travel to their neighbouri countries. 

Programmers: Sanchai Chotirosseranee (Thailand), Leong Pui Yee (Singapore), Fransiska Prihadi (Indonesia), Thaid Dhi (Myanmar), Park Sungho (Cambodia), Tan Chui Mui (Malaysia), Francis Joseph Cruz (The Phillipines) and Marcus Manh (Vietnam).

Animation Programme

"When I started to curate screenings around South-East Asia featuring animation shorts, I was very often confronted with the assumption that “animation” was what Pixar and Disney were doing, or that it had to look like a Japanese anime movie or a computer-made, action-packed video-game. This selection is proof that despite those assumptions there are dozens of South-East Asian animators who refuse to conform and, au contraire, explore uncharted territories and create fascinating and highly idiosyncratic universes."

Programmer Fabrizio Gilardino curated a animation programme from Southeast Asian countries by showcasing art work and animation from artist and animator such as Harry & Henry Zhuang (Singapore), Tan Wei Keong (Singapore), Jerrold Chong (Singapore), Chanon Treenet (Thailand), Hizkia Subiyantoro (Indonesia), Victor Balanon and Ferdz Valencia (Philippines), Mai Nguyen Hong Ngoc and Miyako Makio (Vietnam/Japan) and many more.

Mahakarya Pertama

"Big directors start small. Marking twenty years since reformasi, step back in time to see the small beginnings of Indonesia's now big directors."

Programmer Thomas Barker curated a short film programme by showcasing early work of Indonesia director such as Hanny Saptura, Rizal Mantovani, Jay Subiakto, Harry Suharyadi, Ravi Bharwani and many more.

Screening Borders and Boundaries

"Anthology of five short films from Southeast Asia that generally deal with notion of border and boundary, either literally or metaphorically. Some of the theme explored by the filmmakers include: journeys and border crossing; belonging and displacement; issue around identity; and question of memory and nostalgia, among others."

Programmer Norman Yusoff curated a programme by showcasing 5 different short films from Southeast Asia that generally deal with notion of border and boundaries.