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What is 'Ayuh BerSeaShorts!' about?

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Upon receiving the invitation from George Town Festival to collaborate this year, SeaShorts team felt excited and guilty at the same time for leaving last year's audience behind. This dilemma has henceforth given birth to a series of names such as 'A Trip to The Sea', 'A Bus Ride with Filmmakers', 'SEA bus', 'A Bus', 'A Special Bus', etc., and with slow labour pangs, SeaShorts team has finally given birth to 'Ayuh BerSeaShorts'.

'Ayuh BerSeaShorts', literally translated into 'Let's SeaShorts', is calling for audience in Kuala Lumpur to hop on a shuttle bus to travel to Penang. In simpler terms, it is a festival package designed exclusively for film-lovers to travel from Kuala Lumpur to George Town to swallow and digest 120 short films in this 5-day festival! The short films that will be screened during the festival have nothing to do with the ocean but indeed, we will bring you closer to the sea this year! 

'Ayuh BerSeaShorts' isn't just a moving shuttle bus. With a spectrum of surprises prepared for you, it's also an opportunity to meet like-minded people, filmmakers, film students, and soon-to-be friends or enemies (let fate decides). There are special programmes on the bus designed for our 'Ayuh BerSeaShorts' goers such as 'Confession of A Programmer', 'What is Short Films to You' Short Film Challenge, 'Favourite Southeast Asian Song List', and 'Special Edition of SeaShorts 2018 Introduction Video'. What's more? Once you hop on the bus, you will secure your seat in both the opening and closing ceremony! And what else? You will find out after joining our festival.


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