Astro Shortcuts Workshop

Astro Shortcuts Workshop organised and presented by Astro Shaw. Shortcuts is a competitive short film funding scheme for new directorial voices through educating and nurturing via mentorship and workshops. A total of 3 phase for this workshop, including storytelling Workshop, Script Development Workshop and Pre-Production workshops. At the end of the workshop, 3 Best Scripts will be given RM40,000 funding each, to produce their short film.

Phase 1: Storytelling Workshop (Dec 10-12, 2015)

Shortcuts Storytelling Workshop organised on Dec 10-12, 2015 with 9 mentors and 18 selected participants. In this workshop, individual raw story ideas were played with and were then prepared for a pitch to the 9 filmmaking mentors from the region. On the third and last day, 3 winners were selected for a guaranteed spot in the second workshop.

Phase 2: Script Development Workshop (Mar 21-27, 2016)

The Phase 2 of Astro Shortcuts workshop focus on script development phase. A total of 3 Mentors and 12 participants will focus on 6 different projects. An open call for submission of scripts were made and 6 best stories were chosen for a chance to develop their script at a writing retreat. In this script development workshop, producer-scriptwriter pairs were challenged and tested for their story. For a week, they got valuable consultations and sharing sessions with 3 mentors from Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. 3 winning scripts were selected at the end for a fund from Astro to turn their scripts into short films! As a result, we ended up with three special short films with 3 very unique voices. The winning producer-scriptwriter teams also get to participate in the third and final Shortcuts workshop.

Phase 3: Pre-Production Workshop (Apr 27-May 1, 2016)

In the final workshop which focuses entirely on pre-production, the producer and writer-director of the winning projects must assemble their teams’ heads of departments which should consist of assistant director, cinematographer, editor, sound designer and production designer. For 5 days, the teams must work on their pre-production materials and consult with 7 mentors who each represent all the heads of departments, including producer and writer-director.

Shortcuts then ended gracefully with presentations of the projects by each team and a heartwarming speech by former FINAS president Dato’ Kamil Othman, after which they would embark on their journey to make their short films.