Next New Wave is an initiative founded in 2015 by Tan Chui Mui to focus on nurturing young and emerging filmmakers in Malaysia. The name Next New Wave was a play on the previously groundbreaking but short-lived Malaysian New Wave which made its appearance in 2005, when Malaysian independent films were travelling to film festivals all over the world thus paving a new path for alternative cinema in Malaysia. Though short-lived, the desire to revive the spirit, once existed so long ago, lingers in the air for the years that followed. Things have changed. A new generation of filmmakers are beginning to find their own way with new technology and platforms, exploring new ways of filmmaking. Next New Wave is determined to help cultivate in these emerging storytellers the spirit for experimentation and perspective.



WHat WE do

Next New Wave was founded in hopes to become an active institution to broaden the horizons and provide exposure to young and independent filmmakers. One of our main goals is the emphasis on Southeast Asian collaboration - exposing young Malaysian filmmakers to films from the region and also bringing in filmmakers established in Southeast Asia as mentors to share their experiences.

Next New Wave has organised several workshops. In 2015, Next New Wave organised the First Young Filmmakers’ Workshop with FINAS. The 7-day workshop saw 21 young Malaysian filmmakers as participants and five mentors from Southeast Asia. Next New Wave also co-organised the Shortcuts Storytelling Workshop with Astro Shaw and Finas. The first workshop was Story and Pitching workshop, the second was Script Development , and the third Pre-Production. All three workshops were mentored by filmmakers from the Southeast Asian region.

Next New Wave also organised workshops for more established filmmakers. We had a scriptwriting workshop for six feature film projects; with filmmakers like Chiu Keng Guan, Tan Chui Mui, and first time filmmaker Nadira, etc. The workshop was mentored by Miguel Machalski. Next New Wave also focuses on film curation with organisations like Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia, S-Express and Cambodia International Film Festival.