Ayuh BerSeaShorts

Step 1: Read the FAQ to get prepared.

Step 2: Fill up the Form to sign up!

Step 1: Read the FAQ

What's Ayuh BerSeaShorts! ?
Literally translated into "Let's SeaShorts!", it's a shuttle bus connecting Kuala Lumpur and Penang just for SeaShorts. It is basically a festival package designed for film-lovers traveling from Kuala Lumpur to experience this 5-day SeaShorts Film Festival! You will be traveling with our SeaShorts team, our filmmakers, film students, film-lovers and more (hopefully with you included)!

What are the options? 
Interested? We are offering 2 packages (only 20 seats left for now):
Package A (RM200)
- Two Way Bus Trip between KL and George Town
- Festival Pass that enables you to access all screenings for the 5 days of festival
Package B (RM500)
- 5 nights of stay in a dorm
- Two Way Bus Trip between KL and George Town
- Festival Pass that enable you to access all screenings for the 5 days of festival

Don't want to join the bus ride? Why not purchase an Early Bird Pass
Early Bird Pass (RM80)
- Sign up before 15th July and you will be able to get this Dugong Pass (RM120) at RM80. 
- Access to all the screenings during the festival, including panel talks and master classes.

What if I am a student, do I get discount?
If you are interested, gather a group of 10 people or more and pass your name to your lecturer to send the name list to seashortsmalaysia@gmail.com. However, if your school doesn't liaise with us, nor you joining Ayuh BerSeaShorts, you can still get a student pass at RM40. Kindly show us your valid student card when you collect your festival pass. 

Any other options?
So sorry, these are the only options we have at the moment.
You may also design your own traveling, or if you prefer to choose your own accommodation, go ahead! But do make sure to purchase our Early Bird pass before you book your hotel! http://www.nextnewwave.com.my/seashorts-passregistration.

What do we do in the bus?
We've planned some very special programmes to entertain you throughout the journey. Other than the casual chitchat, passengers can also enjoy Southeast Asian songs handpicked by our programmers. You get to listen to some confession made by our programmers and perhaps even our Festival Director too! You can also take part in the 'What is Short Film To You' challenge, make an one-minute short film with your team (individually/collectively) and get it screened during closing ceremony. (Maximum 15 short films will be screened on first come first served basis).

What is the traveling date? When and where is the bus departing?
Ayuh BerSeaShorts is a 5-day cinematic trip, departing Kuala Lumpur on 1st of August, and leaving Penang on 6th August. Please refer to the table below as our pick up point and pick up time:

I only want to go for the weekend, what can I do?
Ah! Sorry! Ayuh BerSeaShorts is specially designed to be a 5-day cinematic tour. Hmm, here's something that should suit you more!  (http://www.nextnewwave.com.my/seashorts-passregistration)

Dorms? What dorms?  
No worries, the dorms will be located at xx Hotel. This is what our programme manager commented: "this dorm has a bright atmosphere and vibe, for sure it will suit any and every person,". 

Where are the screening venues?
There are 2 festival screening venues, in Georgetown, Penang:
Wisma U.A.B: Gat Lebuh China, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Hin Bus Art Depot: Lebuh Armenian, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang

How do I travel from the dorm to the screening venues?
Do refer to our festival kit in which we will provide map and direction.

Yes, I would like to join Ayuh BerSeashorts!, where should I go?
Please click the button at the bottom of the page. :)

I have more questions, how do I contact you?
Please email us at: seashortsmalaysia@gmail.com

Step 2: Fill up the form to sign-up for Ayuh BerSeaShorts!:

The registration will start on the June 15th and end on 15th July.

Had you decided on what you want?

1. Package A: Bus & Pass only

2. Package B: Dorm, Bus and Pass

3. Early Bird Pass only.


Go ahead and make the booking: