SeaShorts Film Festival 2018



We are a group of passionate filmmakers. With your support, together we can introduce Southeast Asian short films to more Malaysian and worldwide audience! 

We still accept donation even though our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has ended. If you would still love to contribute to our festival, please bank in directly to:

Hong Leong Bank Berhad
Account Number: 20900031203
Swift Code: HLBBMYKL

Please provide your name in 'Recipient Reference'. 

SEASHORTS 2017 started with a naive idea: to provide a platform that features short films from Southeast Asia and highlights Southeast Asian cultures on a big screen. The experience of watching our neighbors' works inspired us and we thought that Southeast Asia produced outstanding short films too.

With the support from Japan Foundation, the festival was able to fly filmmakers and festival programmers to Kuala Lumpur to attend the festival and watch a hundred of short films from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and the Philippines.

The audience who attended the festival got along easily and the festival became so important to us because we hope that the spirit of celebrating short films will last. We weren't sure how did the festival develop into something so intimate. Maybe it was for the willingness to share, for the sense of togetherness, for the love for films, for cinema.

However, organizing a film festival incurs cost. The greatest challenge we faced in SEASHORTS 2017 was to raise enough budget to reimburse every single team member. Last year we had to cover the overhead on our own, which is not feasible in a long run.

SEASHORTS is a unique film festival that showcases diverse bodies of short films emerging from Southeast Asia region. Your support will help us to discover young talented filmmakers in the region and bring their works to light.  

So far, we have collected 17% of our goal. Thanks to these funders:

Festival Angel
Nicholas Chee

VIP Pass Holder
Dora DengWen Loong Loh

Festival Pass Holder
Timmy ChenCharley LearyLeonard TeeChongLee Faca, Eng Khien Teh, Warren SantiagoHo Hock DoongNadira IlanaFlorenci VielaDew NapattaloongPy LeongBeh Yong ZhiAmir MuhammadZhioono YeongMeg WonowidjoyoSanchai ChotirosseraneePauline SohDarrel Chia Chee SumRie TakatsukaChou Davy,  Tee Pao Chew, Adam Knee, Khor Kheng Im, 

Thong Kay WeeWoo Ming JinYing Xian LimJonathan YongYve Vonn, Zhi Chyi, We JunLiang YingMengfei SiaEasther PhangSee Wee Aw, Chui Ko Sing, Leong Yew Sen, Chun Ming,  Kang Sheng,  Henry ZhuangTan DavidNicholas Hee Juat SimCinemasias Editions, Hsu Man Ning, Park SunghoHyung Dong JoAmanda Nell EuJohn TorresOoi Wei SengNicole Midori WoodfordAhn JihyeDaniel MattesKoe Shern, Jit Chiew, 林峻賢, Zhi Chyi, Chui Ko Sing, Yeow Hui Chin, Ervin Han, SiewChoon Chew, Wen Tang,  Gladys Ng

Moral Supporter
Carmen AuChoe Chee KongCheeJen HoJeycobs Leroy, Koh Qiu Ying, Nehemiah YapChloe Yap Mun EeAnderson LeCarmen YewHuiqian JeanettePeter ChinTey Beng Tze, Elise Shick, Chee Jen