Drink More Water

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by Jacky Yeap

I did not write a script for this film, but more like a short story.

He went for a dinner at the fast food restaurant, he didn't notice the girl which have relationship with him before came also. At the moment, he sudden felt embarrassing, he think if say hi to the girl, what kind of action will be happen, before go deeply thinking, he stop, because he think he should concentrate on the girl rather than think nothing. At the second floor of fast food restaurant, no much people, clearly see he and she. He carefully and hide to make sure she didn't notice he is here. Oh, she have a behaviour, she always forget to drink water, apparently, she didn't buy the drink, order in À la carte. She leaving? But the food still no finish yet! Oh, she not leaving. It is time, he run to the her table and throw some water on the cup and put on the table. She coming up, he hide again. When he was young, good in playing hide and find, the skill stick on him until right now. She stare on the cup, in the end drink it. She know he is here, but just show normal. When you have something we that person, you know everything.

Illustration by Low Pey Sien

My Philosophy of Love

For my philosophy of love it is always fluidity, since i am not a love master or have proficiency in love matter, so it depends on when and what kind of feeling in my heart and the things that influence me a lot during that time. In the time I was making this film, I thought love do not exist, it is just a text or people use the text as describing something since we need text to say and write something out.

The main reason I thought love do not exist because I always felt that people love the other people is not because of the people, it because of the people who having particular things which it attract the people. Example i love you not because i love you, i love you because you have a beautiful look, you have a kind heart, you have a short hair, you have a good attitude, and so on. Mean i love beautiful look, i love kind heart, i love short hair, i love good attitude. Nothing much related to that person, the person just a things which enable to transfer this all things out. Just as like the film in my part, Jacky do not care do about the girl, what he care is do the girl drink the water. It seem ridiculous, but yes, this is the philosophy of love at that time.

But right now what i think is 'love' is under repressed, 'love' exist but do not showing out, the showing out love is not a love, is just like what i said above. Real love never show out, not people know what it look like.

Filmmaking Process

When i started thing about the story, the first thing come into my mind is the story must make in long take with single take. Then i only stated to thinks how to make a story, action, motivation of the character, need, and thought kind of things come later. I writing a short story, or maybe should call it is a note. It was always good to what a character who only want to do a little things but needle use huge energy to reach the aim (from Tan Chui Mui). This thinks automatic come to my mind and i thinks i also like to do little things. The main character Jacky the only task at the night at fast food restaurant is let the girl drink the water, but he need to bear the risk of people calling police since have one stranger do something bad? The girl recognise? The girl didn't drink the water? remember, the task for Jacky is let the girl drink the water. The intention of Jacky small until no people care, only Jacky his own self care.


The girl I sayang so much


Watching the footage after the 7 minute take, shoot quite long, watch quite long



erm erm. Philosophy of love couldn't show what exactly in my mind transfer to visual, it kind like each things have their own particular language to tell, so when utilise second media to transfer the Philosophy of love, i felt hard and just try my best to bring as close as possible what i want to tell/show.


Jacky Yeap
Xiao Rui Woon


Han Loong Lim
Xiao Rui Woon

Jacky Yeap

Director of Photography
Rou Ning Teh