I Can't See When I Play Sheep

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by Chloe Yap Mun Ee

“How the Sheep Make Art”
you catch me a deer i will sacrifice it
we can play the blindfold sheep game
i will resist to play
but you must keep teaching me
i believe that the light will always come back
even when you always take it away from me
the projector light is the blinding light
that enter my eyes
the first time i take off the eye mask
after a long long walk through the forest
you like to lie to me
that you’ll always be right there
but i know what you smell like
your scent was never near me
the things i imagine when it’s dark
i imagine swallowing you alive
but that will never happen
as you will swallow me first
sometimes i ask myself
what’s preserving our great love
the portraits i paint
were always yours
never mine


Illustration by Low Pey Sien


My Philosophy of Love:

Filmmaking Process:

I first wrote a poem, which helped me realise the visual representations of the kind of relationship Jacky's character has and Elise's character.

Original Script:


Recce in a budget hotel for its interestingly weird corridor, based off of an the image I found online.


My DOP (Pey Sien) and I discussing the shots for the shoot the next day. She has just travelled here from Kuantan.



Jacky Yeap
Elise Schick


Han Loong Lim
Xiao Rui Woon

Chloe Yap Mun Ee

Director of Photography
Low Pey Sien

Sound Recordist
Xiao Rui Woon
Gogularaajan Rajendran

Han Loong Lim

Chloe Yap