Salted Fish

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by Rou Ning Teh

Sien is going for dinner after work, a stranger knock into her and walk away without apologising. After dinner she met 3 kittens along her journey home. This story is about a love relationship between Jacky and Sien blossoming. When the two of them is at their stage of knowing each other. Jacky will always ask Sien a lot of question about herself, and prompt her to describe her story as detail as she can be. And Sien will always answer Jacky patiently. This is also a story of a girl, Sien’s daily routine after work and her encounter with her new companies.

Illustration by Low Pey Sien


My Philosophy of Love

Honestly speaking, I’ve only started to be interested on understanding love through this project, and may also say I only look for love after this project ends.

I found love has a lot of definition, or could say different ideology that are then created by different experiences. No one can precisely define love, or should I say so far I have yet to meet anyone that can do that.

I think among all the philosophy of love, I worship the attitude of being bold and brave on facing someone you like, and slowly allowing yourself to hurt and be hurt in the process of loving that person. To be loved, first fall for one’s flaw they say. Or maybe to, love is about opening up to a stranger as a platform to understand love. Or love could just be an excuse for a person that is just yearning for warmth, that can be delivered through a touch.

Filmmaking Process

I started this project the same as some of my mate. We fell for the heat of making films merely because we wanted to. With Jacky come up with his expression of love for the woman he love, I started the journey of “I just want you to love me” with another 9 of us. 10 stories from different individuals that barely know each other, then stitch it up to become one. Well, this sounded really exciting as I’ve always curious on the other 9 personalities that I have yet to discover.

I was on a serious homesick at that time when I was writing the script. With all the stress from work, I go to meet Jacky. Trying to keep everything as simple as it could be, we pick a location near our meeting place as our shooting spot, and I decided to use “homesick” as a subject to find love.

I did a little trick on Pey Sien, which I still feel bad on that. Getting Jacky to make a phone call with a conscious intention Pey Sien doesn’t aware of, and record it. Next, get my other friend to take a few shots of the town she grew up from (because I love her cinematography, and she couldn’t physically be with us), stitch it up with Jacky’s shot (Jacky was the DP for Salted Fish). And when the pictures and dialogues are patch together, I was quite surprised to see how they harmonise. Then I thought, ah, I found my love.

Original Script:

IJWYTLM_Salted Fish_Script.jpg

Jacky and Rou Ning’s first meeting, discussion on script.


Jacky uses Han Loong as Sien’s stand in.


After shoot, selfie of our producer cum behind the scene photographer, with us complaining about KL city life.



With a little bit expose of the journey of Love, I got more interested in the concept of Love. And the formation of the transcriptions of love by human beings.

With the lingering feeling of IJWYTLM, let’s have more concept discussion together on the next film with the team.


Pey Sien as Sien
Jacky Yeap as Jacky


Han Loong Lim
Xiao Rui Woon

Rou Ning Teh

Director of Cinematography
Jacky Yeap

Rou Ning Teh

Special Thanks
Lee Sy Yi