Lover from My Dream

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by Gogularaajan Rajendran

Jacky is tired. Tired of everything and everyone he meets in his journey. Thus he went back and surrender himself to his girlfriend from his dream for comfort and for some loving. As he meets his girlfriend, he melts down by her touch and tell her how he missed her in real life, and affirmed that he is keep searching her in real life despite all the trouble he meets. He believes he will meet his girlfriend in reality very soon. As they’re having some good time in the fantasy land, they suddenly encounter Isyraqi, Jacky’s dead friend by the street. Isyraqi gives Jacky a tough task and Jacky’s dream ends abruptly with the shock.

Illustration by Low Pey Sien


My Philosophy of Love

To me, love is a choice. A choice that would open up a perspective in our mind which eventually changes anything into a beautiful experience. It is one only comforting feeling we have in this uncertain world. Life is a mistake, love is the correction.

Filmmaking Process

I got my turn to direct right after I came back from China visiting my girlfriend, Anna. I wanted to capture my love and its emotion into this film, but all I can feel at the moment was longing for her. I dont know when I would meet her again, it might take even 6 months or more, i just didnt had any proper plans. I always feel this way when I’m back after visiting her. Its a deep sense of dryness, it aches. Its dark and it clouds all the things happening around me, I will become numb. I would feel as if I came back from a beautiful dream, and my love is no where to be found in my reality. And only through this hard period of time, I would realise the capacity and depth of my love. 

I wanted to capture this interesting and important side of love, which is missing for the love. 

I also realised that Jacky needed a bigger motivation for his search of love, he should’ve tasted the sweetness and comfortness of love before, that he feel empty without it now. 

Using all these experiences as inspiration, I created Jacky’s  imaginary love who he visits frequently in a dreamland. Jacky wants to bring his love into reality.

Original Script:


My producers and DOP realising the dream. I learnt that during a shoot, all the roles becomes worthless and only making a film to happen matters. 


Rehearsing the dialogues with Jacky, Isyraqi and Chloe. 


Chloe trying to sit without messing up with the black cloth.



It was during the screening that I watch the final version of the movie and I  realise how beautiful this movie was. I’m not sure others would feel the same, but to me, to witness the mixture of personal philosophies and truly honest expressions is somewhat magical. 

It expanded my faith in love. Also I learnt that I dont need anything to make a movie. Not money, not big crews or casts, not even a great story. It only require love, love towards art and people.


Jacky Yeap as Jacky
Chloe Yap Mun Ee as Caitlynn
Isyraqi Yahya as Isyraqi


Hanloong Lim
Xiao Rui Woon

Gogularaajan Rajendran

Director of Photography
Elise Shick

Sound Recordist
Xiao Rui Woon

Hanloong Lim

PA / Transport