Will You Love Me

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by Low Pey Sien

Jacky is alone in his small world, he has a humble desire.

Illustration by Low Pey Sien


My Philosophy of Love

I find it very hard to sum up my philosophy of love. Many thoughts crossed my mind. I think I cannot love many people at a time, it would drain too much of my energy. Above all love (self/lover/family/friend/humankind/etcetc), I think self-love is most important. I tend isolate myself from people who love me, feeling I need more me-time for self healing. I like solitude, solitude is a bliss but sometimes it can become loneliness, I feel as if falling into a deep pit.

Filmmaking Process

After watching all the previous 8 parts, I know I want to somehow conclude Jacky’s relationship with Rui, Xian, Isyraqi and Caitlynn. At the same time, I want to explore loneliness and the yearn for love as a result of loneliness.

I remember a line from Part 8 by Han Loong ‘Three Act of Love’.
“I can love many people, if they love me, I’ll love them too.”, said Jacky.
I think this Jacky character, is really lonely and never understand what love is all about.

When I started writing the script, I realize I couldn’t write. I felt kinda stupid because most of the previous directors has wrote pretty decent script given the same amount of time, a week. In the end, I wrote several simple scenarios.

I want to show Jacky’s past relationships with Rui, Xian, Isyraqi and Caitlynn. I want it to seems like, although he is always with someone, but in reality they are all separated, absorbed in their own world. Their relationship seems only superficial.

I also wanted to try shots that is photograph-liked. It was inspired from a short film, ‘Magical Night (Đêm huyền diệu)’ by Trần Ngọc Khuyên. I like how strange it felt when each of the characters just zoned out in certain scenes, no dialogue, just zoned out. Almost felt like an observer, observing their movement.

I want the audience to observe Jacky, to just watch him and just feel and empathize with him. Especially in the last scene where Jacky stares straight into the camera.


Original Script:

Pey Sien_Will You Love Me.jpg

I was very anxious with my rather simple script, I was not sure if what I wrote exactly convey the mood/ story I want have in mind. Jacky said it’s harder without dialogue, I should figure out blocking for the cast and have meaningful movement. I didn’t know what I really want. I was also not sure how it will turn out.

As I spoke more with Jacky and Han Loong, it became a little clearer of how I should go about things. Han Loong as the producer, gave me a lot of advice about the scenes too, including the super nice location/ blocking for Jacky and Xian at an old bookstore.

In the end I’m just glad to wrap the shoot, I find myself actually more at ease during editing. Filmmaking & script writing is not easy!


After watching my part on its own, I somehow have a feeling that it is indeed too empty, as if no content. It’s not saying anything. Somehow, Chloe, the director for the last part made me felt better. She said, “In a way the emptiness and quiet nature gives more answers… or maybe i could imagine the answers because of the quietness…”


Jacky Yeap
Xiao Rui Woon
Low Pey Sien
Isyraqi Yahya
Chloe Yap


Han Loong Lim
Xiao Rui Woon

Low Pey Sien

Directors of Photography
Low Pey Sien
Jacky Yeap

Sound Recordist
Xiao Rui Woon

Han Loong Lim