It began from tinge of jealousy


Photo taken by Rou Ning Teh


It All Started When…

Pre-IJWYTLM (Workshop Version)

This extended version of IJWYTLM was initiated after its short version was made during the 3rd Next New Wave Young Filmmakers Workshop when 6 volunteers gathered together to make a short film based on the title ‘I Just Want You To Love Me’.

It all started in one night.

There was a night during the workshop when the Cambodian filmmaker Davy Chou started to discuss with Jacky about Fassbinder’s I Only Want You To Love Me. The conversation extended to Davy asking Jacky what was his philosophy of love. 

That night, Jacky explained with Elise’s assistance, about his philosophy of love. To watch Jacky’s explanation on his philosophy of love, click on this link (Jacky PLEASE PROVIDE THE LINK OF THE VIDEO, it’s quite interesting. Or we upload the video to Youtube and provide the link).

On the next day, Jacky gathered around 6 volunteers (Sathisvaran Santhian, Chloe Yap, Isyraqi Yahya, Jacky Yeap, Elise Shick, and Han Loong Lim) to each write a script and pass down to another, taking turns to direct, act, and be the cinematographer in the condition that the story or script has to connect with one another. 

The shooting and post-production finished in 8 hours’ time. All these were only possible with the burning passion and urge these volunteers had at that time and of course, also with the participation of cinematographers Sy Yi Lee and Rou Ning Teh. This concept of solitaire brought the young filmmakers together to complete one mission. After the workshop, they decided to make it into an extended version with the participation of total 10 directors.


Rules / Principles of IJWYTLM

  1. There will be 10 directors to write their own script, translate, and direct it. 
  2. There’s only one main character in the film: Jacky.
  3. The story or script has to flow or have connection with each other.
  4. Other supporting characters come from these 10 directors. 
  5. Each director has one week’s time to complete the film including post-production.  
  6. Every director takes turn to be the cinematographer, sound man and lighting. 
  7. These 10 directors cannot reveal their script, treatment, or show their film to the next director in advance. They can only see the previous director’s work when it’s their turn.
  8. Jacky is the master director; Xiao Rui Woon and Han Loong Lim the producers; Pey Sien Low the master editor; and Rou Ning Teh the master sound designer. 
  9. Only ONE CAMERA is allowed throughout the film for consistency purpose. 
  10. ZERO budget.

Background about the main character: Jacky

Jacky is the main character for both the long and short version. What is love? What are the elements of love? Do we really need love in life? Or just the elements of love? Or do we just need to be loved? These questions form the core of this character–Jacky.

Throughout the first quarter of Jacky’s life (if he lives up to a hundred years old), he has been searching for the meaning of love. Similar to Peter in Fassbinder’s I Only Want You To Love Me, Jacky is someone who gives all he has with only one sole purpose: to gain recognition and love from the person he loves. He strives, sacrifices, and do whatever he can to please his loved ones. But then is this love? In this film, we can see the complexity and the constant contradiction that play hand-in-hand in Jacky’s pursuit of love. This whole idea of needing to be loved conceives the title of this film I Just Want You To Love Me


Problems / Challenges 

The 10 directors each faced some challenges due to the lack of budget as well as professional technical crew:

-Some audio files are destroyed or unusable during the shooting because there isn’t any professional soundman. 
-Footages lack of continuity in terms of lighting and so colour-graded is need during the post-production.
-Commitment from each director depends on their availability. 
-There is lack of communication and discussion among the 10 directors. 
-The film is fragmented. There are gaps and holes in between the stories. 
-Each director is sometimes too blinded by his or her own works. 
-The master director and master producers are among the 10 directors. Workload is not evenly distributed. 


Thoughts during master edit

The original file combining every director’s work before master edit reaches 1 hour 30 minutes’ long. The directors sat down and watched the film together then realized there were too many gaps and holes in between the story and some parts were not connected to the other.

During master edit, the first thought that came into mind was to tie up the loose ends, switch the order of the film around, highlights and remove some parts so as to make the whole film more coherent. 

In some parts, sound was totally destroyed. A lot of work has to be put on in sound design especially foley and dubbing.