Ariff's Journey from Malaysia to Yogyakarta / by next new wave

Written by: Ariff Syafzan

Hi! I’m Ariff Syafzan. First of all I would like to thank Finas and Next New Wave for giving me a lifetime opportunity to represent Malaysia for attending the FLY 2017 that was held in Yogyakarta.

My main role appointed the editor in group B for FLY 2017. For the first 8 weeks there were a pre-production that required us to communicate through the Facebook Messenger to discuss about the task given and that is include enchancing storytelling skills, character development, script and sharing ideas and thoughts among my groupmates. 8 task was given upfront before fyling to Yogyakarta. 

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After completing the pre-producting, i am so eager to meet my groupmates personally! When we met at Yogyakarta, we start to communicate and share ideas about films among us and from there we continue discussing about films through out the fourteen nights. This is the repeated moment when i was attending YFW3 back in Kuala Lumpur. The vibes in making films has made me excited. Eventhough, we have communication barrier however it doesn't stop me to understand about films and ideology they were talking about. 

During the orientation we have to introduce ourselves. I was lucky to have Mr Song Ilgon for our directing mentor and Ms Cho Eunsoo for our cinematographer mentor. Both of them from Korea.

The workshop started with lectures for directing and cinematography. I am very thankful to get this opportunity as they were teaching us an advance knowledge for filmmaking including film language and blocking. We attended a class conducted by Steve Choi, he was an editor for the 'Snowpiercer' film that was directed by Boon Joon Ho. Through the lecture i gained knowledge on how importance the  sound impact in filmmaking. 

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Roughly our first idea for the shortfilm are targetting the dark genre but few discussions we were agreed and decided to change it to a comedy genre shortfilm. The first day shooting, we have a professional crew who assist us at the shooting set. The location was at the beach. My task is to do the offline editing on the spot while discussing with the director and seeking advice. 

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I gained knowledge on how to be an editor on set. Our mentor observing and guide our team of during the shooting the film and what we are lacking about. I admit our team is not well organized during the pre-production, production and post-production due to arguing and disagreement because we have 4 directors and every director have their own vision. Despite the argument it is a fun way to finally complete the shortfilm. 

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The first rough cut, everything seems went well but after few debating and argument on the aspect of directing and visioning for the film. We have made a major changes on many things. I didn't get much sleep and rest almost three days trying to figure out on how to produce meaningfull film. Yet, i do dicsuss with director Song on how emotions play important part in a film. I also learned that we need to being positive and listen to other opinions in order to create a better teamwork in producing a good film.  

Both Song and Cho Eunsoo, really guide us from beginning until the last of the day. I feel amazed to have them as my mentor during the workshop. Ms Cho Eunsoo is very passion in getting a perfect outcome in Editing especially coloring part until she fall asleep on the chair. 

At the end, all the efforts paid off! Our film was screening at the Jogja Asian Netpac Film Festival. It was my first time attended the Jogja Netpac Asian Film Festival, the vibes the filmmaker community were very strong I envied because i don't feel this moment while in Kuala Lumpur. I feel grateful to meet one of my favourite director, Garin Nugroho. I used to watch his films during my study years lectured by Dr Norman Yusoff. 

FLY 2017 is a platform for me to experienced this golden opportunity in making films. Meeting filmmakers from several countries. I realized communication is the bigger aspect in making films because we need to deal with so many people from differrent views and vision. I wish i could have a chance to meet my teammates in future if given the opportunity.  

I would like to express my thankful to Finas for giving me this opportunity in representing Malaysia. It was an unforgetable moment for me to experienced at early stage for me to become a filmmaker. Also I wish to thank to Tan Chui Mui from Next New Wave, the Mentors of YFW3 and last but not least to Finas and BFC team.