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Reality and Imagination / "Interaction" / 3th May 2017

Chloe Yap draw out the interviewee

Chloe Yap draw out the interviewee

As a director, communication is the most important thing to think of. To create a character, we have to know how to shape the character's characteristic and where to find the right materials. Every characters ever written are mostly loosely adapted from a real life person which then altered with a story to fit a certain narrative. During the previous workshop with our Executive Producer, Tan Chui Mui, we asked all the young filmmakers to find a tenant at the low cost building we selected that is close to the character they create. This doesn't mean they have failed if they couldn't find a tenant of the building who shares the same story and background, definitely not.

The whole point was to give them a window to the world of the tenant's life at the low cost building. This can be an opportunity for them to link the tenant's story to the young filmmakers' story. (They were give the amount of 2 hours to look for a tenant and briefly interview them)

Reality and Imagination / "Sniff Around" / 29th April 2017

We had our meeting with all of the selected young filmmakers at Brickfields, our main location under the request of our Executive Producer, Tan Chui Mui. This serves the purpose of having a 1 day workshop for the young filmmakers to get to know the different feelings of the location to bring up their story they have created. We now know that by providing them photos of the location didn’t expose them to the whole feeling of the location to help them with their treatment and made their story lack of certain elements. So we have decided to take all of the selected young filmmakers to the location for them to get on their senses to feel the different visual, olfactory, tactile and auditory rather than visual company through photos. 

Final 7 young filmmakers who in this project! / 16th APRIL 2017

click the photo for more info regarding who they are

click the photo for more info regarding who they are

We got 14 treatments from the selected young filmmakers despite some of them decided to back out due to their busy schedule with their study and work. From these 14 treatments we have received, there are various in genre. They range from searching one’s identity to triangle love type of story, also some of them tell stories like family curse, a person’s illness and many more. It is interesting to know that despite the variation in in the term of story, all of them share the same world where they are set in a low cost low cost building with a 15 year old female character with a secret.

We do have a problem with most of the treatments, but no all of them. They tend to write their story that feel like they are so shaped by the regulation of the project that we set and because of this, we feel like their story is not well told with most of them focus too much on the mysterious 15 year old girl character. We believe that films are supposed to convey some parts of ourselves and if we failed to do this, there is no point on watching the films, which will put the films the same level as other films by other filmmakers. Why should we watch your film if you are not genuine to tell some part of you in your film?

Starting from this point, we will work closely with the 7 selected young filmmakers to develop their script together.

Creative thinking! / 15th March 2017

It took us almost 3 weeks to summarise all the young filmmakers’ opinions. Then we proceed with an internal meeting with the filmmakers and we all successfully came out with limitations to be implemented for this omnibus project. We sent out the mutually agreed regulation of the project to the filmmakers via email. The were given time span of 2 weeks to write their own treatment in any form of language. In the end, we only pick 7 out of 20 treatments by the filmmakers that were sent to us. Wishing the young filmmakers all the best to create something out there!

Long Time No See :) Meeting? / 24th Feb 2017

We just got back from Chinese New Year celebration! Live hard, work hard! One of the best way to write good story is to understand that you are living rather than just living.

We had a second meeting with those who were unable to join our first meeting last month. Jacky presented and discussed all the information to the attendees. We also showed the photos of the location in Brickfield that we took. Since our limitations are a low cost building and a 15 year old girl with something, that is yet to be unveiled. With the visualisation of the setting already have been shaped, we are yet to get the look of the character. During the meeting, 8 of us discussed about how is she going to look like, her background, and how did she get where she is now. We jotted down and summarised all the opinions from the young filmmakers .

This is very important to set it up, so that our story have connection to each other. Since this is an omnibus project rather than a personal project, links between your films very important, if not, why is it called omnibus?

 Soft Lock / 24th Jan 2017

During this week, we went recce for some low cost buildings in city and rural area. Thanks to our team and the young filmmakers who gave us some suggestions. There is a low cost building that has the exact texture, feeling and environment that is very close to what we imagined it. The photo we attached is a low cost building in Brickfield, Kuala Lumpur.

The person who manage this building is Maria. “When I first approached Aunty Maria regarding the usage of the building for a shoot, she was not fully support us. She said that previously that there was a shooting and they left a mess at the building, she prefers to prevent it to happen again.” Said Jacky. It is very important to be responsible for doing a production at someones else’s property because your action will affect other production house and other people who want to use the place for their shooting or any other project. It seems like it is going to be hard to look for another low cost building that can convey the same feeling that we had toward Maria’s low cost building. We hope tht we are able to persuade Aunty Maria.

Though this is only a soft lock, we can already get the look and feel of our film. This is important to keep the look and feel in the mind of the young filmmakers before they start writing their treatment. We are not going to bring all of the young filmmakers to the building just yet but we will provide them some photos we took during the recce. With only sight through photos of the building and their imagination, they need to come out with a story which can convince us that their story is set in the building. 

Our next plan is to bring the selected 7 filmmakers to visit the location and let them experience the environment with all of their senses, to know what exactly the location can provide.

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Rain Don't Stop Us / 06th Jan 2017

Based on the previous internal meeting, we had a brief visualisation of the look of the film in our mind. Jacky, the producer, started his research and recce for the low cost building around Kuala Lumpur (Cheras, Bukit Bintang & Bandar Tun Razak), Petaling Jaya and etc. We realised that a low cost building is easy to find, Despite that it is hard to find a low cost building that is 2 storey or lower apartment with an aesthetic textured walls to possibly be able to create visual depth for a shot. The search is not only just to look for an old low cost building, we are looking for an apartment that has a story accompanied through a shot, composition, colour and etc. This is very important since we believe that the environment will shape the story up! 

Happy New Year! :) Let's Meeting :) / 02th Jan 2017

We held the first internal meeting with some of the filmmakers to discuss further about the direction of the omnibus project. Since we want the young filmmakers to collectively agree on the concept of the film, we collected their opinions to sum up into one ideal concept. We had a clear choosing with the filmmakers and came out with a set themes and they are: 1) It must be set at a low cost building 2) A 15 year old female character with... (secret)

The well held meeting had an active discussion with the filmmakers. We are currently waiting for the second internal meeting with the young filmmakers that didn't get to join this meeting. 

We Want to do Something! / 18th Oct 2016

We came out with the idea of an omnibus project as a way to help young filmmakers to gather and work on the project at once rather than make a film for each and every filmmakers separately. This is to encourage the young filmmakers to give hands to each other to create their films.

The main reason we make this project is to keep the passion in the young filmmakers after they graduated from school because we see that they stop making films due to tight time in earning money for their living. We think its such a waste to see young filmmakers to stop making films since they are very talented. Based on their previous work, some of them are graduation films, we can see that the are capable of being a good director in the future!

“We only do films when people approach us to do, lets just say, assignments, when we are commissioned by other people, or even when my dad asked to do it” said Jacky, the producer. “We can see all these things that moved us to make films as an external factor. We created this omnibus project to give a platform for young filmmakers across Malaysia to come together and work to make a film to create a filmmaking environment.” He continued. 

We had our first meeting today with the young filmmakers that we would like to work with. 20 young filmmakers joined the meeting held by Jacky, Leysha and Sheryl. Three of them presented the concept of the omnibus project. We also had an ice breaking session to know each other more.