Tan Chui Mui (Executive Producer) has worked as a columnist for local newspapers and magazines. She directed a number of short films before making her feature debut Love Conquers All in 2006, which won a Tiger Award. Her work is characterized by a poetic style that she uses to depict stories about personal growth. She has had the honour of being a jury member for various festivals, including Rotterdam.

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Jacky Yeap (Producer) born at Taiping, a small town which looks like Paris, it is a peace, quiet, and slow rhythm place.In year 2015, he graduated from University Malaysia Sarawak with major in film making. When he was young Jacky has produced 4 short films, and all of them had one similarity, that is a shot showing [I Love You Lau Shu Lin] is appeared in all the films. He said, all his films must show this shot until the girl see the film.

Creative Producer (From Singapore) - Stay Tune!