Young Filmmakers’ Workshop 2016

Young Filmmakers’ Workshop 2015

Co-organisers: Next New Wave and FINAS

Next New Wave Young Filmmaker’s Workshop is an intensive seven-day filmmaking workshop in which 21 young participants get involved in the three stages of the filmmaking process from pre-production, production to post-production. The participants are divided into two or three separate teams, with individual participants respectively holding specific roles as the producer, director, cinematographer, editor, production designer and sound designer; working together to produce a short film each at the end of the seven days.

Throughout this comprehensive workshop, participants are mentored by established filmmakers from all over Southeast Asia in various roles in filmmaking such as producing, directing, editing, cinematography, sound design and production design. We have had mentors from Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Besides encouraging the participants to get their hands dirty, we also aim to give exposure. We organise lecture sessions by the mentors or special guests from the local film industry, and screenings of film work from the region followed by a Q&A and discussion where participants can ask all burning questions to their hearts’ content.

By the time it ends, the participants will have gained so much from new friendships, discoveries, knowledges, experience, and a strangely changed relationship with cinema; but most of all they will have learned the most by making mistakes.


Astro Shortcuts 2015

Co-organisers: Astro Shaw and Next New Wave

Supported by: FINAS

In 2015, Next New Wave collaborated with Astro Shaw and FINAS on a three-part filmmaking workshop Astro Shortcuts which consists of Story and Pitching, Script Development, and Pre-Production. Shortcuts focuses on creating quality short films by helping emerging Malaysian writer-directors develop their films in comprehensive and intensive workshops. In all three workshops, the participants get valuable time and wisdom from unique and established filmmakers from Southeast Asia to push forward their vision and also to learn from different ways of practising film in the region.

In the first workshop, individual raw story ideas were played with and were then prepared for a pitch to the nine filmmaking mentors from the region. On the third and last day, three winners were selected for a guaranteed spot in the second workshop.

In the second, an open call for submission of scripts were made and six best stories were chosen for a chance to develop their script at a writing retreat. In this script development workshop, producer-scriptwriter pairs were challenged and tested for their story. For a week, they got valuable consultations and sharing sessions with three mentors from Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. Three winning scripts were selected at the end for a fund from Astro to turn their scripts into short films! As a result, we ended up with three special short films with three very unique voices. The winning producer-scriptwriter teams also get to participate in the third and final Shortcuts workshop.

In the final workshop which focuses entirely on pre-production, the producer and writer-director of the winning projects must assemble their teams’ heads of departments which should consist of assistant director, cinematographer, editor, sound designer and production designer. For five days, the teams must work on their pre-production materials and consult with seven mentors who each represent all the heads of departments, including producer and writer-director.

Shortcuts then ended gracefully with presentations of the projects by each team and a heartwarming speech by former FINAS president Dato’ Kamil Othman, after which they would embark on their journey to make their short films.

All three workshops were held separately, the Script Development workshop being its most unique one with its location held in Sekeping Kong Heng, Ipoh.

Advanced Scriptwriting Workshop by Miguel Machalski

Organised by: Next New Wave

In this very special workshop, six established Malaysian filmmakers are gathered to work on the scripts for their upcoming feature films in a week of scriptwriting classes and consultations with Miguel.

Miguel Machalski works in the international film scene as a script consultant, story editor, and screenwriter. He also works as a workshop tutor, running workshops all over the world including Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

These Malaysian filmmakers - although they had carved their place in the film industry with years of experience - find that they have learned much in their craft of scriptwriting in the course of the workshop, and much more to learn as they continue their work in filmmaking.

KLEX Non-camera workshop 2016

The Non-camera workshop is a part of the Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Music Festival, this year with the theme “Spark”. The workshop allows anyone to try a hand at experimental filmmaking with the medium of 16mm film. Next New Wave has been a supporter of the festival and provided the venue for the workshop to be held.

This year’s film workshop, instructed by Taiwanese experimental filmmaker Wu Tzu-An, covered the different ways to create and destroy images on the 16mm film with clear leader film and found footage. Participants could bring their own materials such as ink, pens, newspaper, plastic bags, hole puncher and so on. The images would be done frame by frame, and be projected on a speed of 24 fps with a 16mm projector.