S-Express 2018

S-Express is an annual collaboration of short film programmes from eight countries (Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos). This programme is an insight into the development of filmmaking in the region. It aims to bring the selected films from each region to travel to their neighbouring countries. 

Programmers: Sanchai Chotirosseranee (Thailand), Leong Pui Yee (Singapore), Fransiska Prihadi (Indonesia), Thaiddhi (Myanmar), Park Sungho (Cambodia), Tan Chui Mui (Malaysia), Francis Joseph Cruz (The Philippines), Marcus Manh (Vietnam) and Helene Ouvrard (Laos).

S-Express Thailand

Programmer: Sanchai Chotirosseranee

The program does not only present the works of talented young Thai filmmakers but to also counter the dominant social and political consciousness found in Thailand's society.

S-Express Singapore

Programmer: Leong Pui Yee

The inner turmoil and emotional conflict of the human psyche takes centre stage in these four diverse stories about everyday life and culture.

S-Express Indonesia

Programmer: Fransiska Prihadi

A glimpse of Indonesian short films from experimental to documentary and fiction, all longing for sincerity.

S-Express Myanmar

Programmer: Thaiddhi

"For this year’s programme, I have selected different film styles from Myanmarese filmmakers. Those included are from documentary films, short films, and animated films. The past years have seen Myanmarese filmmakers focusing on socio-political documentaries while the younger filmmakers more involved in making short films." - Thaiddhi

S-Express Cambodia

Programmer: Park Sungho

This year’s S-Express Cambodia presents some of the best short films directed by young talents. They are frontiers in themes and styles including action, sci-fi and experimental films.

S-Express Malaysia

Programmer: Tan Chui Mui

A programme of 3 short films about young filmmakers and the stories about their dreams, desires, and loves.

S-Express Philippines

Programmer: Francis Joseph Cruz

Through four short films coming from diverse voices, geographies, and convictions, a narrative detailing the journey of a Filipino youth suffering first from the oppression of an overwhelming machismo, then being opened to the flexibility of genders, to the rigidness of tradition, and finally, succumbing to the aches of old age, erupts, voicing a necessity to confront culturally-established beliefs and borders. 

S-Express Laos

Programmer: Helene Ouvrard

An observation by young Lao directors of the multiple aspects of social change with its new possibilities and side effects.

S-Express Vietnam

Programmer: Marcus Manh

Hardly speakable, it seems to be the phenomenon of contemporary Vietnamese society. The youth, the working conditions, love and dreams are the main 'Hardly speakable' – it seems to be the phenomenon of contemporary Vietnamese society. The youth, the working conditions, love and dreams are the main themes presented in this year’s S-Express Vietnam.
presented in this year’s S-Express Vietnam.