SeaShorts Film Festival Award Winners / by next new wave

SeaShorts Award: The Tiger of 142B

A very successful adaptation with visual storytelling flair that is infused with dark humour and succinct social commentary

Henry and Harry Zhuang / Singapore / 2016 / English / 12min

A young unemployed man finds himself having difficulty in communicating with his girlfriend. As he struggles to cope with his fragile state of mind, a series of mysterious killings unsettles the residents of Block 142B.  

Director: Harry and his twins brother, Henry Zhuang, co-founded their own company Weaving Clouds, a small studio dedicated to producing animation that explore creative storytelling. They have both worked closely together on both 2D and stop-motion animation short films, always searching ways to tailor make animation to suit the story. Both brothers are also Media Education Scholarship (MES) recipient.

Producer: David Lee & Eternality Tan

SeaShorts Special Mention: Along One Way  I  Sepanjang Jalan Satu Arah

Its topic resonance with a personal touch that is playful yet urgent.

Bani Nasution / Indonesia / 2016 / Javanese / 16min

One day my mother asked me to go home. Once I got there, she asked everybody in our family to choose a governor whose religion is Islam. I refused because I disagree with her logic. But mother kept on telling me to choose one based on religion.

Director: Bani Nasution was born in Surakarta, Central Java Indonesia as the last 80’s generation. He was finished study as bachelor of art from Surakarta Institute of Art film & tv faculty. His films was screened in Fest Film Solo 2012, Ganesha Film Festival Bandung 2012, Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2013. His latest work, Along The One Way was finalist in Yogyakarta Documentary Film Festival 2016. Now, he focused on documentary filmmaking about mythology and environment in Java, Indonesia.

Producer: Bani Nasution

Next New Wave Award: Falling In Love Again  I  一號Ah May

Jacky Yeap / Malaysia / 2016 / Cantonese / 23min

A 24-year-old young boy breaks up with his girlfriend. That night, he meets a mysterious older woman, Ah May. Ah May’s resemblance to his mother piques his interest and encourages him to approach her.

Director: Jacky Yeap born at Taiping, a small town which looks like Paris, it is a peace, quiet, and slow rhythm place. Jacky moved to Sarawak to pursue his degree. In year 2015, he graduated from University Malaysia Sarawak with major in film making. When he was young, he love to watch Malaysian Drama because he felt that the environment shown in the Drama make it look “very Malaysia”. Then, he decided to visual method to capture “Malaysia” and share it with peoples around the world. Jacky has produced 4 short films, and all of them had one similarity, that is a shot showing [I Love You Lau Shu Lin] is appeared in all the films. He said, all his films must show this shot until the girl see the film.

Producer: Woon Xiao Rui

Student Films Competition Award: The Taste of Pineapple  I  黃梨的滋味

Won Jun Yap / Malaysia / 2016 / Mandarin / 22min

A girl who got pregnant accidentally with her broke up boyfriend.She felt guilty to having this life in her body.This is a story about a girl accept and forced to give up a new life in her body.

Director: Won Jun Yap is a new student director who study Drama & Visual in New Era College with passion.

Procuder: Ewan Lim