The stories behind "My Student Films" / by next new wave

It was not easy to curate a program like this. And it was a great idea from Jacky Yeap. He worked very hard to get all these short films.

"I actually talked to a friend not long ago wishing to see a festival that features student works of filmmakers. " Apitchapong replied to our invitation. He was very happy to hear about this program, and offered his short film. It was unfortunate that our screening facilities cannot show DCP, and we do not have funding to solve this problem. 

And we heard from Lav Diaz that he did three shorts when he was at the Mowelfund Film Institute, where he attended a film workshop. Only one survived ( he think they still have a copy of it). The other two, he lost them. We are still trying very hard to contact Mowelfund Film Institute.

And It took us sometime to get this mouldy beta tape from Dain Said, and with sponsorship of the Asian Film Archive in Singapore, we managed to get a digital copy.

So, please grab this opportunity to watch this first time ever, a collection of student short films by the young Dain SaidGarin Nugroho RiyantoAditya AssaratLiew Seng TatEdwin Blindpig, and many others!

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