This is Not A Film by Khavn / by next new wave

Some filmmakers are crazy . That's common. But not many are as crazy as Khavn De La Cruz.

Some programmers are wild, that is unusual, but it happens. But still none quite as notorious as Gertjan Zuilhof.

Some filmmakers make a new film especially for a program, that's common when there is a commission and funding.

But it is quite special when a filmmake make a new film for a programmer, for a very small festival, without commision. It happens when you have some crazy people working together.

So now we will have World Premiere of this very special film. It is world premiere because Khavn just made it, and maybe still making it.

Come and watch it at #Seashorts2018, Aug 1-5, George Town.

Directed by: Khavn De La Cruz (The Philippines)
Film Title: Juan Tamad Goes To The Moon (1898) (2018)

Three years before George Melies' "Le Voyage dans la Lune" and ten years before Segundo de Chomon's "Excursion En La Luna", indigenous proto-surrealist Philippine filmmaker Narding Salome Exelsio made "Nagtungo si Juan Tamad sa Buwan" in 1898 while the Philippines was being sold by Spain to American for twenty million dollars (VAT not included).

About the director:
Khavn is the great great grandson of Narding Salome Exelsio (1883-1949). He is currently the president of the Southeast Asian Institute of Pataphysics (SEAIP) and the founder of the Museum of Incoherent Cinematography (MIC).