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  Programmer:  Thaid Dhi is a filmmaker as well as programmer at Wathann Filmfest.   Programme Description:  Tales of youth intertwine in the nightfall of Yangon.
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About the Film
 Some films can be very personal, normal audience might find it hard to understand. Some films can be very personal to the level which the filmmaker will feel shy when showing the film to peoples. Some films can be very personal, whereby it only to be disclosed for a particular person. Some film is hard to understand, only people who very close to that film can understand.  As a filmmaker, should we concern on the people who MAKE the film, or people who WATCH the film? Film can be sincere enough, but everything had been change when film are to be screened to people, and request people can understand, if people don’t understand, it consider as a bad film. Finally we understand, it’s important to understand a film.  Two years ago, Jacky and Han Loong directed a short film, they worried if the film will become a bad film, so they decided to name this program the <Hidden Program>. As implied from the name, people will not know where, when, and what will be screened under this program. Hidden Program just like a love letter, wrote it and send it to him/her secretly.  *This program only suitable for the people who love Jacky and Han Loong