Sketch by Gogularaajan Rajendran

About the project

‘I Just Want You To Love Me’ is a film made together by 10 young directors who share the same passion and still work together hand in hand to complete this film when money matters become a hindrance in their way. 

The core of this film is to question what is love in human relationship. These directors implored each other and themselves what are their philosophies of love and how they use their filmmaking instinct to bring their invisible philosophies to the screen. 

This film can only be completed with these 10 directors (Woon Xiao Rui, Lim Han Loong, Jacky Yeap, Isyraqi Yahya, Gogularaajan Rajendran, Elise Shick, Chloe Yap, Low Pey Sien, Teh Rou Ning and Ho Chee Jen) taking turns in acting, scriptwriting as well as playing the role as cinematographer and sound man in each other’s film. 

The collaboration between these 10 directors and the composition of their works all together show that filmmaking is something more than just a dream or a craft, it is also about friendship and perseverance regardless how challenging the journey of completing a film is. 

For now, they need funding for their next project called 'I Believe In A Cult Called Cinema'. 


Poster design by Low Pey Sien