Young Filmmakers Workshop

Focused on nurturing young and emerging filmmakers in Malaysia, shortlisted participants below 26 years old will be selected to join the workshop which features established Southeast Asian filmmakers as their mentors. At the end of the workshop, two chosen participants will represent Malaysia at the annual ASEAN­-ROK FLY workshop, organised by the Busan Film Commission and the Asian Film Commissions Network. 


Organised and presented by Astro Shaw, Shortcuts is a competitive short film funding scheme for new directorial voices through educating and nurturing via mentorship and workshops.


Advanced Scriptwriting Workshop by Miguel Machalski

Organised by: Next New Wave

In this very special workshop, six established Malaysian filmmakers are gathered to work on the scripts for their upcoming feature films in a week of scriptwriting classes and consultations with Miguel.

Miguel Machalski works in the international film scene as a script consultant, story editor, and screenwriter. He also works as a workshop tutor, running workshops all over the world including Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. 

These Malaysian filmmakers - although they had carved their place in the film industry with years of experience - find that they have learned much in their craft of scriptwriting in the course of the workshop, and much more to learn as they continue their work in filmmaking.

KLEX Non-camera workshop 2016

The Non-camera workshop is a part of the Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Music Festival, this year with the theme “Spark”. The workshop allows anyone to try a hand at experimental filmmaking with the medium of 16mm film. Next New Wave has been a supporter of the festival and provided the venue for the workshop to be held.

This year’s film workshop, instructed by Taiwanese experimental filmmaker Wu Tzu-An, covered the different ways to create and destroy images on the 16mm film with clear leader film and found footage. Participants could bring their own materials such as ink, pens, newspaper, plastic bags, hole puncher and so on. The images would be done frame by frame, and be projected on a speed of 24 fps with a 16mm projector.